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Premium Frozen Cocktails: Xin and Voltaire's journey

There’s a reason strongly-spirited frozen cocktails didn’t exist.

Xīn and Voltaire was born to challenge the capabilities of alcohol and ice and push the boundaries of how cocktails can be savoured.

We spoke to Grace, CEO & Founder about the story behind the brand and how they worked to allow the icy cold temperatures of sorbet to be maintained when adding the heat of an alcoholic cocktail mix. We had the pleasure of working with Grace as part of the MFG Fundraising Programme in 2023 and advising them on their first media capital fundraise.

From Selfridges and Soho House to Mandarin Oriental in London, you can find Xin and Voltaire sorbet cocktails featured on London’s finest menus. And very soon you will be able to spot them on TV following their partnership with Channel 4 in the UK.

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