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Scale your business with media capital. 

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Chris Sheldrick

Chris Sheldrick

Co-founder & CEO @what3words

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Boris Hodakel

Boris Hodakel

CEO & Founder @ FEEL

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Neville Taraporewalla

Neville Taraporewalla

President @Brand Capital International

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Scott van den Berg

Scott van den Berg

CEO @ Influencer Capital

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Kelvin Tan

Kelvin Tan

CEO @ Origin Capital Management

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Why Raise Media Capital?

Many high-growth businesses reach a point where their need to scale cannot be matched by the resources or capital available to them.

Media for equity is a financing option that allows founders to accelerate their growth through significant advertising in exchange for an equity stake in the business.

Raising media capital is so much more than a mere exchange of advertising for a stake in the business:

Access to preferential rates and the ability to influence the campaign planning

Preserve cash and extend your runway

Work with an experienced team that understands both worlds, the online performance, and the offline branding approach

Raise larger financing rounds, focusing part of the capital on building long-term value.

Listen to Chris Sheldrick sharing his experience of doing a media for equity deal in India

When what3words launched in India they decided to engage Brand Capital International and Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times Group) to provide these insights and maximise brand visibility among consumers and businesses. 

How We Partner with Our Founders


If this is your first time raising media for equity, we will equity you with all the tools and guidance to successfully close such deals.


We will provide direct support in finding investors that are right for your fund size, and sector, and are a strategic fit.


We would love to continue to support you with future rounds. We also work with experienced founders in developing new market entry strategies using follow-on media for equity and/or cash rounds.

Not sure if media for equity is the right option for your startup?

Download the Media Capital Startup Readiness Tool 
A 5-step process to help streamline your evaluation process

Why Founders Choose Us

Shared risks, shared rewards. We only work with the most ambitious entrepreneurs, and we work on a results-based fee structure.

Targeted Access

50+ specialised media for equity funds and independent media publishers doing direct investments.

In 2022 our network of investors deployed 150+ USD worth of media capital. 

Maximised Value

The majority of Europe’s later-stage VCs (including consumer investors), Corporate Venture Capital firms, and the UK’s EIS active funds to co-invest with our media funds

Network of Experts

If your team is small or stretched, we can deploy specific media talent to help with campaign evaluation, planning, creative productions, and account management. 

Tell us more about your company and the round you are raising. Our team will reach out to support you through the process.

What We’re Looking For

  • Series A and beyond planning to scale internationally
  • Revenue generating, proven business models
  • Relevance for the end consumer in the mass market or in strong niche markets, that we can reach and address via both traditional and digital channels
  • Sector and geography agnostic. Some of the most popular focus areas we cover: e-commerce, fintech, edutech, gaming, health and wellness, and foodtech.