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Deploy your media inventory in high-potential brands and top media funds

We've built a strong network of independent media for equity investors and media-backed funds. This puts us in a unique position to connect you with the right managers, whether you're looking to start your own media capital fund or co-invest with leading media companies globally.

A New Venture Model for Forward-Thinking Media Companies

Many CEOs at media companies and advertising agencies are exploring opportunities for revenue diversification beyond advertising including investments in startups (CVC), acquiring other businesses (M&A), or building their own opportunistic ventures.

Another alternative to revenue diversification is to invest a portion of your media inventory into growing businesses in exchange for an equity stake. This practice is called “media for equity”.

The State of Global Media for Growth Funding 2022 - 2023

The State of Global Media for Growth Funding Report

Download the report to access insights on 382 media capital investments, investors' opinions, and media for equity fund types and how they assess opportunities.

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Dennis Ahrling

Dennis Ahrling

Partner, German Media Pool

In the current economic environment, media for growth can be an important strategic lever for consumer-facing companies. With media for growth investments, startups can shift their cash spend away from above the line marketing and extend their runway. At the same time, the growth engine keeps running at high power with premium media. At German Media Pool, we believe that this is an opportunity for top companies to rise up above the crowd by smartly working with media partners.

Sundaram Sivakumar

Sundaram Sivakumar

CEC BCCL (India)

Brand Capital International came as a natural response to meeting the needs of the ever-changing business landscape. As the most influential brand in the world’s largest consumer market, The Times Group is well-positioned to help ambitious founders grow their brand (and capital) in India by using the power of advertising. Since 2005 the fund has invested $4 billion + worth of media in over 900 companies across a wide range of sectors including ed-tech, fintech, health-tech, retail, FMCG, and consumer durables, among others.

3 Things You Should Know Before You Start Working on Your Media Capital Fund Thesis

People walking on the zebra

Square media for equity deals with business as usual

The biggest challenge with enabling media inventory in exchange for equity is balancing business-as-usual (BAU). TV advertising is measured on KPIs and short-term financial targets – a CEO of a TV station or a TV show producer would always prioritise cash over outputs they cannot see. Squaring this requires a fundamental shift in the way media holdings are designed. A potential solution is to start at the top – where the C-suite looks after the core business and the investment unit is governed separately.

Meeting with shareholders to align on business matters

Align key stakeholders on a strategy moving forward

Transforming a business model requires a communication plan to engage internal and external stakeholders, demonstrate buy-in and position the organisation at the forefront of Innovation.

Be clear if you want to align future investments with the company's financial strategy or aim for early wins that accelerate your rate of learning.

Consider introducing an internal process and a selection committee to help enable fast decision-making, meaning that a startup investment can be approved within days, not weeks.

Diana Florescu CEO of mediaforgrowth talking on the stage

Build a strong ecosystem network

Promising startups attract investors quickly and are less likely to cast a wide net to attract funding.

As we’ve shown in our latest report, the right type of company for this model has already secured an initial round of funding and is looking to use advertising as a “bridge round”, or complimentary to another fundraising round.

Communication with stakeholders and partnerships with aggregated media funds and startup experts are essential to identify the best startup opportunities and increasing return on investment.

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