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Investors Reversed Pitch Showcase

Investors Reversed Pitch Showcase
Live Event
July 18, 2023
Organised by
Canary Wharf’s Level39
In collaboration with
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Key Points

  • What is media capital?
  • How the media capital model works?
  • What we are looking for in Foundes?
  • Introducing MFG Investment Readiness Programme
  • Introducing the first Media Capital fund in the US

Diana Florescu joined 20 other VCs including ITV AdVentures' Sheena and over 100 founders as part of rev™'s monthly series of startup events. She spoke about the media capital industry and introducing our new MFG Investment Readiness Programme.

Events like rev™ remind us that when it comes to investing, it's not just about the money. You want to be sure you know who you are getting into business with.

You can catch a sneak peek of the presentation here.

About Pitfchlix’s rev™ events:

Fifteen blistering reverse pitches from leading and emerging VC’s to an audience of founders eager to hear where – and where not – to focus their fundraising time and effort. Pitching to VC’s takes a chunk of time and loads of energy, and every rejection takes a little chip out of the soul, so as an entrepreneur you’d better be pitching to the right investors.

rev is where founders discover not just the VC’s whose investment thesis is aligned but where chemistry and personality resonate.

Our Speakers

Diana Florescu

Diana Florescu

CEO & Founder

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Our Moderators

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Tell us more about your company and the round you are raising. We're excited about leveraging our experience and network to help you get you there.

Learn more about building a world-known brand using media for growth investments.

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