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The Media for Growth Fund Map - A collection of global media funds and media capital models

The Media for Growth Fund Map - A collection of global media funds and media capital models


Media for equity (“media capital”) funds are proliferating at an increasing rate. Ten years ago, there were fewer than a handful. Today, there are more than 30 specialised funds. In the last two decades, over 1,000 startups raised media capital. As the industry evolves, this investment model is springing up to meet the demand around the world, and therefore these transactions have become more nuanced.

Startups can choose between trading “equity” for advertising or raising part cash, part equity. Media for revenue share deals can also be arranged, or creative combinations of all of the above. Media inventory has been offered by media groups directly, or via independent funds which bundle media from several different media groups. Specialised venture debt funding startups' marketing costs have come to prominence.

So, we’ve decided to gather all these alternative funding options and create the Media for Growth Fund Map - a collection of global media funds and media capital models.

We intend for this document to be useful for founders in the market for fundraising, and for emerging and established investors looking for partnerships and co-investment opportunities.

The full version of this document is a growing booklet of 30+ pages featuring:

  • Individual fund profiles including their media properties and reach; notable investments; and useful contact information
  • Links to relevant resources such as case studies and recordings for anyone who would like to dive deeper into the subject

We also want to make this a living document so you can add your suggestions and inputs. You can access the Google Doc and leave your feedback here.

Tell us more about your company and the round you are raising. We're excited about leveraging our experience and network to help you get you there.

Add your contribution and suggest changes to the Media for Growth Fund Map.