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Chris Sheldrick, what3words on scaling a start-up in a “winner takes all” market and the power of advertising

Chris Sheldrick, what3words on scaling a start-up in a “winner takes all” market and the power of advertising
Fireside chat
October 21, 2022
Organised by
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Wolves Summit
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Key Points

• The story behind what3words

•  Building a world-known brand using media for growth investments

•  How founders can weather the next financial crisis

•  Key considerations for entrepreneurs when raising media for growth funding

Funding and valuations are on the minds of founders. Despite the venture slow-down, media for growth investments are showing strong growth as a complementary funding option.

According to the recent State of Media for Growth 2022 report, in the last two decades over 1000 startups raised “media for growth” funding.

Startups backed by both media and VC investors reach the exit round (via IPO) 32 months (2 years and 8 months) faster than traditional venture-backed startups. They also raise on average 3x more funding than other startups.

Yet a lot of startup founders are not aware of this investment type and several common narratives are holding back the media for growth space.

This fireside chat with Chris Sheldrick, CEO and Co-Founder at what3words will present insights from winning in a “winner-takes-all” market using the power of advertising. The discussion will also outline key findings from the recent mediaforgrowth report and provide key considerations for founders interested in raising media for growth funding.

Our Speakers

Chris Sheldrick

Chris Sheldrick

Co-founder & CEO @what3words

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Our Moderators

Diana Florescu

Diana Florescu

CEO & Founder

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