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Startup Magazine on mediaforgrowth's State of Global Media for Growth Funding

Startup Magazine on mediaforgrowth's State of Global Media for Growth Funding

New global research reveals that over 1000 startups have raised media for growth funding in the last two decades to scale up brand awareness, data on audiences, and professional experience from media companies without having to spend cash.

Media for growth (also known as “media for equity” or “airtime for equity”) is a financing option that provides startups with advertising such as television, print, radio, and online, in return for equity in a company.

Research by global network of media investors mediaforgrowth, reveals first-time findings about the state of media for growth investments worldwide including the business performance of the startups that have raised media for growth, the biggest players in this space, and the level of investment activity across various regions.

With a global recession forecast, the study shows how media for growth funding emerged during the dot-com bubble as a complementary investment option to traditional venture capital offering startups a life vest till they were able to raise the next round of capital.

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