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Media for Growth Start-up Fundraising - Office Hours | Web Summit

Media for Growth Start-up Fundraising - Office Hours | Web Summit
November 1, 2022
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Web Summit
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Key Points

During this session we sit down with founders and explain the media for growth funding model including investor types, pricing, negotiations, and resources required to successfully close such deals.

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Join us at Web Summit and book a free 20 minutes media for growth fundraising sessions to discuss your marketing and growth plans and see if this funding option is a right fit for you.

mediaforgrowth is a specialised network of media for growth funds and investors accelerating new brands using the power of advertising.

Who is it for?

  • Later-stage founders (Series A and beyond)
  • Revenue-generating/proven business model
  • Europe-based

Our Speakers

Diana Florescu

Diana Florescu

CEO & Founder

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Piyush Puri

Piyush Puri

VP @Brand Capital International

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Our Moderators

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Tell us more about your company and the round you are raising. We're excited about leveraging our experience and network to help you get you there.

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