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Tom MayesTom Mayes

Tom Mayes

CEO & Co-Founder @ Edmunds Cocktails

MFG Fundraising Programme - 2024 Cohort

Tom Mayes (on the right) is the co-founder of Edmunds Cocktails, an award-winning UK-based company that specialises in pre-bottled, ready-to-drink cocktails. Edmunds Cocktails aims to provide a high-quality cocktail experience that rivals what one might find in a top-tier bar. The company offers a variety of cocktails from Negronis to Lychee Martinis made with premium spirits and fresh ingredients, promoting both convenience and quality for cocktail enthusiasts.Founded by Tom along with his brother, the company has positioned itself as a leader in the bottled cocktail market, ensuring sustainability by planting a tree for every box sold and avoiding the use of artificial additives. The company provides subscription services for regular deliveries.Before founding Edmunds Cocktails, Tom had a varied background holding roles in hospitality and event management.

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