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Sergio López FuentesSergio López Fuentes

Sergio López Fuentes

CEO & Founder @ unBlock

MFG Fundraising Programme - 2024 Cohort

Sergio is the CEO and founder of unBlock the City, a company that offers an innovative digital platform designed to enhance urban experiences by connecting cities, businesses, and people. The platform, known as unBlock, integrates various city services and provides users with a single app to access information, make bookings, and purchase products and services. This "superapp" aims to streamline and personalise the urban experience for both residents and tourists. López Fuentes founded unBlock the City as a solution to provide seamless wifi connectivity in public and private spaces, but it quickly evolved into a broader platform for enhancing city life. His vision is to create smart city experiences that are versatile, user-friendly, and beneficial for both the local economy and the users. The app features smart QR codes, unique IDs for managing access and notifications, and data intelligence tools that provide valuable insights for decision-making in urban management.

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