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Madi AblyazovMadi Ablyazov

Madi Ablyazov

CEO & Co-Founder @ BOLDR

MFG Fundraising Programme - 2024 Cohort

Madi is the co-founder and CEO of BOLDR, a climate tech startup founded in 2022 that specialises in home energy management solutions. BOLDR's platform allows users to retrofit their home heating and cooling systems with energy-saving products, which can be managed through a proprietary software platform. The company's goal is to help consumers reduce their energy consumption, automate energy management, and transform homes into distributed energy resources to support the stability of the green energy grid.Before founding BOLDR, Madi had a diverse career in the tech and media industries. He co-founded and led FBO Media, a company focused on out-of-home media advertising in private jet lounges, from 2018. His extensive experience in product development and management has been crucial in steering BOLDR towards its mission of contributing to the green energy transition.

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