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Julian HalletJulian Hallet

Julian Hallet

CEO & Co-Founder @ Happy Ocean Foods

MFG Fundraising Programme - 2024 Cohort

Julian Hallet is the co-founder and CEO of Happy Ocean Foods, a company focused on developing plant-based alternatives to seafood. Driven by his passion for environmental sustainability and his experiences as a surfer and nature enthusiast, Hallet co-founded Happy Ocean Foods with the goal of creating sustainable seafood alternatives to combat overfishing. The company's flagship product, the Happy Ocean Shrymp, mimics the taste and texture of real shrimp and is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Julian's journey to founding Happy Ocean Foods began with his extensive experience in various roles in the fashion and food industries including Tommy Hilfiger, Vesitus GmbH, Porsche Design Group and vitafy GmbH. He holds a Bachelor of Science in International Management from Hochschule Niederrhein and has completed several certifications, including a Certified Nutritionist from OTL - Online Trainer GmbH, and participated in the LMU EC Accelerator and XPRENEURS Incubation Program.

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