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Global Media for Growth fund network partners with Community Managed Investment Vehicle, Consilience Ventures

Global Media for Growth fund network partners with Community Managed Investment Vehicle, Consilience Ventures
The partnership will see the formation of a Media for Growth Committee committee within Consilience Ventures, led by Diana Florescu, CEO & Founder at mediaforgrowth

London, September 29: Consilience Ventures and mediaforgrowth announced their new Media for Growth committee, bringing together media industry leaders and investment professionals into a single unit: aligning media industry leaders and investment professionals, to unify capital raising and provide founders with exponential growth.

The Media for Growth initiative supports ambitious founders by tapping into new engines of sustainable growth, while preserving cash reserves and reducing dependency on raising new rounds of funding, given the larger context of gloomy macroeconomic forecasting.

The Media for Growth committee includes leading industry experts such as Hasnain Babrawala and Jignesh Desai (Founders at Fame Media Global - Media for Equity), Sami Vikback (Partner at 8 media ventures - Media for Equity; ex-MTV), among others and is led by Diana Florescu, CEO, and Founder at mediaforgrowth 

What Is Media for Growth funding?

Media for growth (also known as “media for equity” or “airtime for equity”) is an alternative funding option that provides start-ups with advertising such as television, print, radio, and online, in return for equity or revenue share. 

This funding model emerged during the 2000s dot-com bubble as a solution to combat broad market challenges, and iIn the past two decades, over 1,000 start-ups have raised media for growth funding.

“Our partnership with Consilience will speed up our mission to help founders raise both media for growth funding and venture capital in the same round whilst our media investors can explore co-investment opportunities worldwide”
Diana Florescu, CEO, and Founder at mediaforgrowth

The committee is part of mediaforgrowth’s strategic vision to become the first community-governed, service for equity fund where investors, media funds, and professionals worldwide can discuss, vote on, and fund projects seamlessly.  

“Partnering with mediaforgrowth unifies media industry leaders and investment professionals for capital raising and exponential growth. We are excited to provide our portfolio companies with diverse, innovative growth strategies and access to leading sector experts.” Kevin Monserrat, CEO of Consilience Group

The formation of the Media for Growth committee comes amid growing adoption of blockchain technology to provide more accessibility and liquidity in the PE space, such as KKR’s Health Care Strategic Growth Fund, a tranche of which has been put on the public blockchain. 

The member-only Media for Growth group will work closely with founders to manage the lifecycle of portfolio companies from deal origination, start-up assessment and due diligence. For information about becoming a member contact

Founders seeking eligibility for media for growth funding, please submit your project.

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About Consilience Ventures

Consilience Ventures is a Venture Capital Investment vehicle that leverages sweat equity in a portfolio-backed digital-asset that is less risky for startups, investors, and experts involved. Consilience Ventures’ stated mission is to fast-track the growth of 1,000 world-changing deep tech businesses worldwide within 10 years.

About mediaforgrowth

mediaforgrowth is the first global network to align the interests of start-ups, investors, and experienced media professionals. First, they partner with later-stage founders to grow revenue and scale internationally using media for growth investments. Secondly, they connect emerging and established media for growth funds with investors around the world to optimise the startup investment process. mediaforgrowth members include some of the world’s largest media groups such as The Times Group, 30+ media for growth funds, individual investors, early-stage VCs, and equity investment platforms. For more information please visit

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